4. He Mirrors Your Movements


If a guy likes what he sees, he'll mirror your movements. If you lean in closer to him, he'll lean in, too. If you touch your hair, he'll touch his hair, as well. It'll be like you're looking into a mirror, because he'll mimic every move you make.

He Gives You an Eyebrow Flash


@Coochiekilla get off this damn website you worthless imbecile
peony blue
OK and Oh @Cooch...qhat are you a man or a mouse. Refrain from being so uncouth.
Realizing your best guy friend might like you like "well it's not my fault I'm so fabulous."
Emily Robinson
I find myself doing the torso one a lot. Oops.
The last one is actually pretty cute. Hehehe...
My last boss did the touching part a whole lot.
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