7. Acting Indifferent to Get Attention

Acting Indifferent to Get Attention

Oh, you know the act. You act like you don't care about anything, you give the silent treatment, you launch a cold shoulder attack, and then you get all of your new partner's attention in that moment. Stop!

Flaking to Make Yourself Look Busy


im guilty of some of these points
Is that why our relationship fell off a little.
I've done some of these. What do I do?:/
I hid from a guy who asked me out and I said yes to way back in high school for 2 weeks and he then realized we should just go back to being friends. But I also learned to speak up! Other than that I...
Christina Gee
I've done this before. You live and you learn
Ooooh shiiiit!! This hit me hard. I do almost all of Them.. Gotta stop that shit!
Great reminder!
I have done this multiple times and regret it
I'm so glad you wrote this its opened my eyes a lot X
I have done a couple and I regret it
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