2. Genuine Compliments

All men should know the importance of compliments. We donโ€™t want to constantly be told lies about how beautiful we are. We want genuine compliments that make us feel special. A simple comment on how nice we look is better than a lie about how we look sexier than Jessica Alba. Of course, if he genuinely believes that, itโ€™s a fantastic compliment.

21st Century Rules


@Laraine Clarke true, sharing the job gets it done faster. Then you can both relax. Should be the same for students living together.
@Jaer true we should be willing to reveal our feelings to each other no matter what gender we are.
Miss M
It might be old fashioned but I think a guy should alway offer, at least, to pay for a meal
Do you mean that a man doesn't need to be the sole provider? if a man has a family, he definitely needs to provide for them.
Laraine Clarke
Here is an extra thought. If you both work, then a guy should not sit down relaxing while the women does all the housework, cooking and shopping on top of her job. I told my son, work together and play together.
Ya Tan
Tell the guys all this 😂
Niah H
you should do this thing but for girls instead. I could think of some things
I agree very much with everything here!
Also about number 4 girls also have to realize they shouldn't keep their feelings hidden they need to let it out to or u could also be missing out on one of the greatest things that could've been speaking from expirience here xD lol
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