7. Your Size and Shape Don’t Matter…

Everyone wants to be a nice person – but everyone has preferences, too. Just like you might prefer your partner to be a certain height, have a certain hair color or dress a certain way, he’ll have preferences too. There’s nothing wrong with that. So what about those people who state that they really don’t mind?

Chances are, they are trying to prey on people with lower self-confidence who don’t think anyone else will be interested. It’s also very possible that he’s just after sex.

Have you met anyone who told these lies on online dating profiles?! Dating is definitely hard enough without wondering whether he’s telling the truth, or if he’s got five other women on the go too, so give yourself a break and avoid anyone with these questionable statements.


Heather Jensen
Hi Ana! I think that when you are dating online, you've got to make sure that you are honest, no matter what size or shape you are. I don't think that it matters if the connection is there and the people are being true about their feelings.
Heather Jensen
So true! Those are scary too!
Be aware of those that are from the Nigerian scam syndicates. I have come across a few. The way they describe themselves on their profiles are almost similar and identical.
Fantabulous Gabby
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Ana Sims
I've heard the "size/shape/looks don't matter" thing so any times. And guess what? They do, because when I met most of those guys, they complained that I was too skinny or not pretty enough. I say be ...
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