7 Love Songs of 2011 ...


Top Love Songs of 2011 aren't hard to find. This year was full of love songs from every music genre and I have to say, this list made me bawl like a baby! The top love songs of 2011 are so powerful and envoke so much emotion, it's hard to keep it all in! So, without anymore tears, I give you my 7 top love songs of 2011 that you should probably get a box of kleenex for!

1. Someone like You by Adele


Who doesn't love Adele? She's one of those artists that just makes you listen because she's so powerful. This song. God, this song makes me cry EVERY single time I listen to it. She created an album for a heartbreak, but this song is one of the true top love songs of 2011 that will stay in history.

You and I by Lady Gaga


Heather Jensen
Agreed!! I love that song. ;)
Esther Yomyom
try how to save a life by the fray it's one of my favorites from them<3
my favorite is ours, by taylor swift, she is like my all time favorite singer!
I love all these! Great song choices!
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