7. Confident

Confidence is sexy, so it's always nice to be with a man who radiates it. That way, you won't feel obliged to constantly remind him of how great he is.

Any compliments you give him will be because you really mean them, and not because you feel like you need to say them in order to make him feel better.

Your partner doesn't have to be manly man, but you'll be a happier couple if he has some of these traits. In fact, he'd probably be happy if you had these traits as well. Does your boyfriend have any or all of these qualities?


Why does a man need to be the provider? There are plenty of other traits in a PARTNER one could hope to find.
Tenacious Ange
Sounds perfect!
I enjoyed this article. Even got a few good laughs in 😄
This is a good list but why are you calling them "masculine traits" instead of just "traits"? Women got these traits too
Great list!
Ali M
And sensitive - someone that's good at listening and understanding. Isn't afraid of feeling.
Don't agree with 2
I'm lovin this list
ha i wasn't looking for them in him, but i got it, most of them anyway lol!
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