3. Men Don’t Cry

“Big boys don’t try – no excuses!”

You’ve heard it before and you’ll probably hear it again as it is no secret that men are often believed to be as sensitive as a lawnmower and so not in favor of such displays of emotions!

They are allowed to cry, of course, but only until they are old enough to understand spoken language after which they are promptly given the crash course in things big boys don’t do and explained that crying is the first thing on the list of Don’ts. The funny thing is this- we’re not talking about one of those myths about men us women need to let go off as we already know our men can get sensitive and teary eyed at times and for a good reason! It’s a sort of a myth men need to get out of their systems by learning to tell the difference between being a spoiled cry-baby who believes people can cry their way out of problems and being a grown, responsible, healthy human being with emotions and functioning tear canals!

Men Never Ask for Directions


Haley Elkins
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Heather Jensen
Ha! It so does! :)
Marissa Smith
Then explain why a lot of men wear shorts outside in the winter when it is below zero outside.
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