2. How Often do You Think of Me?

How Often do You Think of Me?
What Would You Have Done Differently?


My type of break up was different. We broke up because of different ethnicity backgrounds.
Unfortunately know the answers to questions #1,4,13,14& 17
Sorry .. Typo .. My first comment was "this all screams I haven't moved on, why have you?"
Seriously ladies, he's your ex for a reason, gosh! If you keep dwelling on the past then you'll take a long her time to move on! The sooner the better ladies so wipe those tears and chin up! I'm not b...
This all screams "I haven't mined on yet, why have you?!"
They are exes for a reason! Don't dwell on the past, look forward to the future. Time goes by way to fast to think about what every lil thing your ex thought!
Selina Warrington
This is so so true! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Desiree Petit De Murat
I hope the mourning ends soon.
I feel you on that @Morganne. If he didn't fight for the relationship why have any petty questions to ask? IJS
Completely lame. I wouldn't ask any of these questions or care about the answers.
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