2. Practical

Guys who aren't particularly studious often have other talents. They may be brilliant at practical things rather than being academic. Some would argue that guys like these are far more useful than guys who have degrees but are useless at fixing things. When you date a practical guy, your car will always run smoothly and he'll know how to fix everything in your house.



Yojalma Plasmann Moleterno
@Maha bullshit! My husband has worked his way up from the time he was in high school and has an awesome high paying job. He reads and is up to the beat of things happening around. I have 2 college deg...
Zaki Liang
@Kim, you're a smart chick :)
I don't think they need to have a degree. I would want them to have, or be working on some type of certification. Not everyone is smart in the academic way, so you just have different intelligence. Ho...
Hmm I wonder how many who are offended by this article have post graduate degrees
Just because you don't attend a college doesn't necessarily mean you're not furthering your education. There are different ways for each individual to continue acquiring knowledge. Any girl who would forgo dating a guy simply based on their decision not to attend college is an ignorant bitch.
My bf is 20 making $38 an hour with a union job and that's w no college and because of the no college there are NO student loans. So there u go. To the judgmental narrow minded girl up top, College do...
Thanks! Before this article I would have never considered dating someone without a college degree! *note my sarcasm* what does it matter? I know people who didn't finish high school who are more succe...
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