2. Practical

Guys who aren't particularly studious often have other talents. They may be brilliant at practical things rather than being academic. Some would argue that guys like these are far more useful than guys who have degrees but are useless at fixing things. When you date a practical guy, your car will always run smoothly and he'll know how to fix everything in your house.



I think this article is poorly written. It doesn't take into account the guys without a college degree that are really dumb, and I'm sure there are a lot. I agree a college degree doesn't equal smarts.
I don't really agree with this article. I'd been in a relationship with a guy who had little or no educational qualification. He wasn't really my cup of tea. Those people around me testified they had...
@Maha... WOW, I'm speechless!
WOW, some people are very narrow minded!
Yup! a college degree doesn't mean that someone doesn't have a purpose. There are plenty of well rounded, successful/hardworking men that I know without them!
A guy without ANY college degree shows he couldn't achieve & finish a purpose Never settle down for someone who's intellectually below you (speaking on experience) he was good in bed, however embarrassing in public with low (theoretical & emotional) IQ
I like this article☺
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