8. You Share the Same Desires

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If you both have the same goals in the long term (no you don't have to both be doctors or lawyers, but as long as you both have dreams your working towards) marriage is a good idea. If you value the same things in life, agree how children will be raised, or agree not to have them, and have the same financial beliefs, marriage is probably the next step in your relationship.

You've Enjoyed Your Single Days


Kranti Kanade
I have been married, I look at that as a biggest lesson of my life. Marriage is not for everyone. True love and to spend life together does not need display or a piece of paper but bonding between two hearts which is beyond the mere procedure of marriage.
How long I should wait to get answer after I proposed to a girl ?
Just by reading this I feel like I'll never get to feel this way about someone. I sometimes feel it's hopeless
peony blue
It just feels right!!!
Absolutely me 2 !
'"Looking forward too pppooool=+++Β₯Β₯++β€’3$ u 096)66
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