3. Flawless Skin

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I know what you're thinking. How does being single help your skin? While I was on my dating hiatus, I began to wear less and less makeup, and not necessarily by choice, but because of the circumstances surrounding me. I was single, not working many hours, being sort of a homebody, so I wasn't getting out much either. There was no reason for me to wear any makeup. Turns out that this was the best thing that I could have done for my skin. Before my makeup-free days began, I would wear makeup all the time, no matter where I was going.

This was mainly because I was insecure, but also because I wanted my boyfriend at the time to think I was without a single flaw, which made my skin go downhill. I started getting dark spots and hyper-pigmentation and my skin was severely dry. I would breakout constantly, which made me want to wear even more makeup because I would try to mask all of my imperfections. Once I rid myself of my ex-boyfriend, I began to see a drastic change in my skin. Now mind you, I've never had problematic skin. I just wore too much makeup, which negatively impacted my skin, but my skin began to glow, it was plump and firm, smooth, blemish-free, even toned, and most importantly breakout-free once I kicked him to the curb. I still wear makeup and I enjoy wearing makeup, I just wear much less than I did before. One of the things that changed about me is that I used to wear makeup to make me pretty, now I wear makeup to enhance what is already there.

You Are Liberated
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