5. Is Your Guy Adventurous or a Beach Bum?

Imagine you’re in an exotic place in a nice hotel and a beach is within walking distance. Does he want to explore the markets, hike in the mountains and do some wind surfing? Or does he want to sip margaritas by the pool and head out to the beach every day?

How does that compare to what you like to do? If you have compatible desires or are able to compromise, then you may have a lot of fun together. But if not, you may be doing a lot of things separately, or one might decide it’s better to give in than to fight. How you deal with these conflicts says a lot about how you’ll deal with other incompatibilities.

Does Your Guy Have the Same Inner Clock as You?


Isabella Coles
I'm a morning person but on a week long holiday with my man it wasn't too bad cause i could relax more knowing that i got him every day with me - we don't live together just yet
AK so true, internal clock is a bigger deal than you'd think~ especially if you are the morning person. Traveling together can be a great way to see how compatibly adventurous you are, and how one ano...
Different internal clocks and it is a pain!!
So true.
Great read! Me and my boyfriend always talk about travelling before we marry!
I thought this article was fantastic
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