7. How Does Your Guy Treat the People Serving Him?

Does he quibble over a dollar tip? Does he treat the wait staff with the same respect as his friends? Does he ask for things respectfully or does he expect people to be at his beck and call? Does he act like a prima donna?

If your guy treats people serving him badly, he may lack the kind of empathy that’s crucial to long-lasting relationships.

It’s so easy to get caught up with the vacation that you forget to look at how your guy behaves, but travel really is a good way at getting some indications if he’s marriage material. Tell us what you feel about this. Did you travel with your guy before you got married? What new things about him did you learn?


Different internal clocks and it is a pain!!
So true.
Great read! Me and my boyfriend always talk about travelling before we marry!
I thought this article was fantastic
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