7. Sex


Older women definitely have more experience in the bedroom and she isn't afraid to tell her man exactly what she wants. She is over all of the insecurities and worries that can trouble a superior sex life.

This open honesty and trust can lead to greater satisfaction for both partners. When we can satisfy someone sexually, not only does it feel incredible, but it also increases confidence and intimacy. Having the skills to please a man is another major reason why men are so attracted to older women. An older woman can be more playful, adventurous, giving, and entirely devoted to her man in bed.



i want to something a mature women
Well I must say, I'm 27 (not that that is old) and I enjoy my own personality much more than I did in my early to mid twenties.
Love and chemistry dont see age .
Like fine wine , we only get better with time!
@Lila Rodrigues so true. I don't have all of these, but it doesn't mean someone older is better / more attractive. I wouldn't say that because I'm younger that I'm immature, in fact I'm not. Confidenc...
Alesha Jones
I'm 34 and am with someone 10 yrs younger, who is here (New Zealand) on a long visit from England, neither of us expected to feel the way we do but now he is planning on staying here, I would have sco...
Love this! I'm 34 & bf is 25 & we have an amazing connection!
My husband is 81/2 years younger than me, didnt seek out a younger guy just happened that way 😊
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