7. She's Unappreciative

Finally, if your man is feeling ignored, if he is feeling that he isn't appreciated, it's definitely one of the top reasons for him to leave. Men like to know that their women love them and that they are appreciated! So ladies, show 'em some love!

There are tons of reasons why men leave, but these are the top 7. If you have a feeling that your man might be looking for a reason to leave, take a look at this list and see if these are any of the reasons! Do you have any other reasons why men leave to add to the list? Did I miss any?

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* I\'d never leave a man I love
I suspect that my man left me because after 4.5 months together I told him about my medical condition (and it\'s even not a disease!), and he became afraid that the minor limitations I\'ve got because...
@Annette, he might not want a relationship or feels he isn't the type to be in a relationship with you.That's might be the reason why he is trying to chill it down a little.So try talking to him about it.
Been talking to a guy for over a month we've been texting each other 24/7 for the past month and last week he stopped texting as much as he used he just say hi good morning etc not much
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