7. Think of It as Marriage Insurance

Think of dating after marriage as a marriage insurance policy of sorts. Dating is really an investment in your marriage that can pay off big time. Dating after marriage makes for a happier couple.

When you are both happy, your chances of success in marriage are much higher. This is a great way to make your marriage better and have a good time in the process.

The reasons listed that you should continue dating after marriage are very strong but there are more, I am sure. What would you add to the list? Why do you think it is important to continue dating after marriage?


Rachel Rubis
This is the most rediculous thing. It's call a marriage as in loyal devotion to your partner. As your saying your cows your promising to be with that man and only that man. That's the point of marriag...
Rachel Rubis
Completely agree 😃
Irenea Campioni
GREAT advice to all those married couples out there!! Much Love to you & thank you for sharing <3
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