2. He Reminisces on Moments with Her

One of the most disturbing signs is hearing your boyfriend reminisce on endearing moments or events he had with his past lover. If he ever runs into an "I remember moment," then that should definitely make you feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, any other conversations of him slightly recalling little things about her are unacceptable. There is no excuse why flashbacks of his ex should be racing through his mind. That period in his life has come and gone and should be replaced with building new memorable moments with you. Maybe he just wants that old thing back (shrug shoulders).

He Holds on to Sentimental Gifts from Her


So if the guy still has saved pictures of him and his ex on his computer, thats a warning sign? He told me hes still holding onto it because of good memories and nothing more ๐Ÿ˜’
iconic and psychotic
But honey he should ! Find the good in goodbye 🙏
iconic and psychotic
He claims he doesn't "love" her anymore but simply cares about her ... Yeah and he's also simply in denial! Love doesn't go away that fast!
He avoids talking about her! Even when you directly ask him questions, and he changes the subject or is extremely vague. I'm going through this right now. I hate when a guy can't get over a pretty girl even when she was horrible to him. Ugh.
If he does number 7 it's purely disgusting and the guy is either stupid or an a**hole.
When he still have pictures of the two of them at fb or any other
I cant freaking bรฉliรจve i was just a rebound. I m not even able to let it go. He s jus too glad wth d world.. Wow. I shud have know this or read this 3 months ago
Yana M
My ex is my best friend.. Most of the list are his wife issues...
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