2. Lots of Lies

Do you constantly catch your boyfriend in a lie? Does everything he says typically end up being a lie? If this is exactly what you're experiencing, it might be one of the signs you are dating a psychopath and should watch out. Psychopaths typically lie about everything and can even live double lives sometimes. Keep that in mind girls the next time you catch him in a lie!

Excessive Charm


Sasa Fab
I have never heard any thing positive about a psychopath and I'm not sure how this article would offend a psychopath... Regardless those diagnosed with anti personality disorder are individuals to be feared. Why would I be concerned not to offend? Women should be made aware of these signs... Period.
Heather Jensen
Agreed! :)
Heather Jensen
So true! I actually love that show too. :)
@Heather Jensen, don't forget Dexter.. Perfect example of the lies upon lies, two lives, and non-emotion in a psychopath
A real psychopath wouldn't be offended by this article. They don't care what you think.
Heather Jensen
Hello Violet! Thank you for the education and I truly did not mean any offend anyone with the term 'psychopath'. Have a great day and keep reading!
Violet Silver
Leah is completely right! But on top of what she said I'd like to pile on that psychopaths have commitment issues and would not typically be caught in a relationship. Although psychopaths do not feel ...
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry Charlotte! :(
Um I think I'm in this mess lol (via Twitter)
Heather Jensen
Hello Leah! Thanks so much for the comment! Where in the article does it mention anti-social personality disorder? This article is just looking at characteristics that women should watch out for in men, not about a disorder necessarily. :)
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