6. Weekend Plans

To get the guy you like to ask you out, you could try talking with him about his weekend plans. If he says that he wants to do a specific thing, you could say that you love doing that too and he may ask you to join him. If it’s something you’ve never tried before, you could just tell him that you always wanted to try to do that thing.

Be Approachable


Um... No thanks lol this sounds like advice from a 16 year old lol! I have never done any of these things and have never had a problem with guys asking me out on dates
well if your gona do all the things suggested here u may as well also wear a sign that says "desperate hoe will take any average joe ,apply below"
Just using the word sneaky turns me off. I never had a problem!
Desperate much?
4 and 5 i would never ever do
If a guy is interested, he will ask the girl out. If he not interested, nothing's going to move him!
I'm sorry, this terrible advice XD
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