2. Not Too Romantic

Everyone likes a little bit of romance, but if you overwhelm an Aquarius with too much romance, it can scare them. Keep it all light and simple. A first date shouldn't be anything too big and wild, it should be something small and simple. Go from there and see how your Aquarius acts.

Friends First


Aquarians & Pisces appear to be Opposites..the guy I'm interested in is a Pisces Aquarius cusp..I'm wondering if anyone has any advice..he's so weird in a wacky but wonderful way : )
best Aquarius article on here!
Im a scorpio married to an aquarius this was 100% true been together 12 years never a dull moment
Frankie Larraine Oyanedel
This was fantastic!! I finally understand myself now! Haha :) everything was completely true! I love this artice
That so totally goes with me! Awesome tips
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks for reading!!
I'm loling at how true this is
Right and if she'd written this about Capricorn or Aries all those star signs would be identifying with this too?
Heather Jensen
Great!! :) Thank you!
@Megan Walsh exactly! :) so good
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