2. He Seems Shut down

Guys tend to go silent when they’re stressed or unhappy. They don’t have a lot to say and may seem withdrawn. This is typical when a guy is stressed or unhappy. He’s got a lot on his mind and may be thinking or processing his feelings. Be available if he wants to talk but it’s good to give him the quiet he wants, too.

He Wants to Be Alone


peony blue
Then let him go...set him free!plenty of fishes in the sea!!!
Jennie Anne Andres
Luisa I know how does it feels;'(
This kinda breaks my heart because I feel as if he's not happy but I don't want to let him go... Ugh! This sucks!
My bf hardly picks my calls nowadays , his excuse is that he's been busy . He hardly calls me because according to him he doesn't have call credit. We have been dating since I was 15 years and I'm 23 ...
But mainly the thing is how to figure out exactly what the problem is if your guy is not ready to cooperate with you???
I think these are subtle signals that people give when they are unhappy.....man or woman....these are great things to pay attention to (in any relationship)
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