The Right 👌🏼 Signs to Look 👀 for if You're Wondering 🤔 if He's the One 💍 ...

Trying the find "the one" can be hard in today's age of Tinder and casual flings. While dating someone new is always different, heartbreak always hurts and the potential of it can be there in the back of your mind with your new beau. So how can you know if he's a waste of time or someone to take a chance on? How do you know if he's the one for you? Here are the 7 best ways to tell if he's the one for you.

1. His Laugh Makes You Happy

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Imagine that you are watching 21 Jump Street together and he's laughing at the hilarious Jonah Hill. Are you drooling over Channing Tatum or are you too busy watching your man laugh and enjoy the movie? If so, he may be the one.

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