2. Respect Your Parents

Your parents have been around for years and they have more experience in the relationship department. One tip that I have found that works when you're dealing with parents that don't approve of a relationship that works is actually to respect them. They are still your parents and they will always be your parents. Make sure that even if they don't approve of your relationship, you are still respecting them, which is one of the best answers for what to do when your family hates your boyfriend.

Weigh the Pros and Cons


Lina Gujska
@nike jay, girl I have the same issue and id love to be friends as moral support because i have no one.
and i have been with him for 2 years now going through so much shit, thats what happens whenyou fall in love at a young age being raised in a family and neighbor hood where people expect so highly of you \
my parents dont even let me see my boyfriend, my dad even blocked his number from my phone
Shandra Williams
Well I just started dating this guy, our first date was nothing short of a miracle. The way I felt was indescribable. We hit it off so well and i almost felt as if it was love at first site. We kisse...
@laurasiaa if you love him so much you two would make it work I'm kind in a relationship with my boyfriend and it's hard trying let my Mom meet his family and we're in a long distance relationship w...
im 24 and my boyfriend is 23. we just recently started dating (long distance) and my mother has never met him and already thinks he isnt the right one for me based off a feeling. I love and respect m...
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