7. Don't Lead Him on

This is probably my most important tip when his feelings are stronger than yours. Playing with someone's emotions is careless and cruel. It is important to not be afraid to hurt him or bruise his ego. A lot of times as girls we are too afraid to be honest or say something mean to a boy, but in all honesty making a guy think you are more into him then you really are is worse than telling him to back off. Always be open about how you feel and where you stand.

If you hold onto that one piece of advice, then you don't have to worry about ever being at fault for your behavior or actions.

Ladies, this article on 7 things to do when his feelings are stronger than yours is meant to help you be with someone on your own time. Just remember to be honest, stick to your own relationship agenda, and enjoy getting to know each other. Just because you don't like the boy as much as he likes you doesn't mean anything bad except you don't know him well enough yet or know what you want. Think about it, how many times have you been in that hot seat?


Great tips! Experiencing this at the moment they're very helpful!
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