19. Be Mindful of the Time of Day or Night

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Any time you text someone, it's always good to be considerate of their schedule before you start shooting off texts. Your crush might be a super early riser who goes to bed early or maybe he's the opposite who likes to sleep in as late as possible. Either way, you don't want to be the reason he wakes up grouchy!

Take Your Time


You are awesome.. thanks
Some these I use but most importantly be your self no guys (unless there jerks or players) like fake girls if your not all about being sexy then your not. It's simple when your with somebody just reme...
@Erica, Idk but I want sex but not while I'm on my fuckin period
@Haylin Huang, I so agree
But why do you have volunteer to tell your dude your "on" unless he wants to have sex? Just like I don't care about his erection unless I want it, why would he care about your period?
@Natasha D'Souza ...men never stop thinking about sex, ever, even if there is other convo going on!!! If your in a relationship, great but this is tips, to me, for new relationships. Don't give a guy ...
I don't think it's all about playing games or lying but more so just letting that guy know he's not always priority, make him work for you! You can be honest but does he need to know everything, all the time... It's fun to wanted! Don't be predictable!
Wow! Great advice!.... I'm the "too much info" texter so this is great!!!!
ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb
I do agree you shouldn't jump at the chance to hang out in the beginning especially and if you have other things you planned to do that day.. like even just to go to the gym or church things that are ...
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