3. Make It Sexy


Men are extremely visual. They are constantly thinking about sex, food, and sports. If you put a picture in their mind, that is what they will focus on for quite some time. When a guy asks you what you're up to, always respond with something sexual.

For example, if you're driving in traffic, lie and tell him you just got out of the shower. If you're home watching The Notebook with a bowl of popcorn, tell him you're out dancing with your friends. The best is to let a boy know you're just lying in bed. Remember to keep it simple and don't overdo it. It's all about letting him explore his own imagination.

Who is This


Help! I never know what to reply to this guy who i really like-- we were talking about our uni timetables and i was saying how mine was shit and he replied 'Oooooo yeah that would've been annoying' ...
@Andie, be brave and just see what happens. Be brave! Good luck
Okay, basically, i got off with this guy i really like at a party on the last day of term so i wont see him till sept unless anything happens. Weve texted before and he says i looked good etc. but i s...
Loved No. 3 such a good advice!
Valerie Chong
thanks 😊
Hey everyone, I need help! I fell deeply in love with a boy and I really want to be with him. The thing is that I never speak to him or to his only friend. In addition to that I'm terrible shy as pe...
I think you should tell him you think he's cute There's nothing wrong with that plus he can't control your feeling If Dosnt it's fine life goes on ... Just be yourself and never be with someone with condition 😄
omgosh! I really like this boy he is super cute, should I tell him? HELP PLEASE LADIES❤❤
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