4. Who is This


Want to make men crazy? It's always good to throw them for a loop when figuring out things to say and not say when texting boys. When you first get a text from a guy, reply with, "Who is this?" He has this whole expectation of your response in his head, and just put himself in the hot seat for texting you first. After he tells you his name, just be casual and keep it simple. Humbling a male's ego is a great beginning to a conversation!

Leave out the Baby Talk


Denise Cristobal
That's a relief, Elanra. That would have been creepy and pedophilic. :P
I don't think I've ever said to a baby "hey sexy"....
Never lie... It's not cool and no guy wants someone that is going to lie to them
Becca Conary
@Amy Hagan, I'm sure your questions are not stupid. He sounds like kind of a jerk if he's just going to just out and out tell you something like that. You are worth more than that, and you need to tel...
Heather Jensen
Hi Amy! I would definitely say that friends with benefits relationships are harder. They can work, but they are harder, especially when feelings get involved. Do you think you could be just friends with benefits with him?
Amy Hagan
Im really starting to talk more with the boy I like and he has asked to be friends with benefits and I said yes but since we started doing it we haven't met because we are both so busy and our convers...
Cordelia Mashiah
@Cordelia Mashiah, love thr infoβ™‘β™‘β™‘
Cordelia Mashiah
Yes thz is sme pretty cool stuff:)β™₯β™‘
Hmm, this also sounds like your not going to be with a man who can handle a serious adult relationship. If he can't handle hearing about your period, something totally natural and something you can't ...
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