4. Are You Hoping He Can Be Your Super Man?

Our culture thrives on either saving or being saved by a superhero, because who wouldn’t want that, right? Well if, instead, you feel like you’d only want to start a relationship because you want someone to always be there for you and make you feel on top of the world, you may subconsciously settle for anyone because of falling in love with an idea. Don’t look for someone who you want to complete you – your partner should complement you.

You May Still Be Holding on to the past


rose rose
exactly what i needed to read...
Ya Tan
Most people are in love with the idea of being in a realtionship and relationships rather than being in love with the guy himself, I think I am
Whoa there! I'm definitely not ready yet smh 😩
Lady Lace
I absolutely agree with all if these tips, especially #6 & #7. Please ask yourself "Can I be with him long-term"? Please do not be in denial about how his little habits will affect you in the long run.
Sarah Xx
I was definitely reflecting on the past when this guy I loved ditched me for a hotter girl, I know it sounds stupid but I was broken!! But I've now learnt that u shouldn't spend time with people that ...
Woooooow m soooo gonna take the tips
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