10. You Will Be the Best He's Ever Had

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If he treats you right, it'll be totally worth it. You don't fall for someone easily, so when you do, it'll be the best relationship ever.

There's nothing wrong with being "forever alone." Plenty of us are. That's why we should try to change it from a negative term to a positive one. Have you ever had a boyfriend before or are you "forever alone"?


I'm the most single person ever, but I'm used to it. I hope to find that special person one day though.
but I'm not willing to settle simply because I get lonely at times. I've had quite a few men interested in me, but they all seem to be married (AIN'T happening!), or just not wanting to be alone anymore & talk marriage right away.
my life without him. 3 years into it, I was involved in a head-on car wreck & in a wheelchair for a year. He left me for another woman & was engaged within 3 months of doing so. I'm much better now, a...
@Kate I feel ya. I'm 45, and once thought I would never be able to live with a man even though I'd had several long term relationships. After reuniting with my first love (14 years old, reunited 25 years later), I was living with him and couldn't imagine m
Isabella Coles
I was 20 until I decided on giving love a chance - I had no idea about dating so I tried online and there were some nice guys and a few dodgy ones! I was only looking to find friends at the time but u...
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