5. If He Gave You an STD

If He Gave You an STD

If you have an STD, it's important for you to tell your man that information. He's probably going to want to know who gave it to you, of course.

Where You Met Him


You probably just shouldn't talk about your ex
Kira Hanna Keppel
Literally none of these are his business
Just tell him why you all broke up, whether or not you all are still communicating, if he gave you an std of course and how long you were together! Thats it. No man wants to know every single detail. Def dont mention sex.
I mean to say "phone"
There is a few things that I don't like about this quote, I just think that if you wanna be honest to your man you should be honest on any way and never have any of your ex's pics on your hidden memories that is disrespectful, simple.
Okey seriously! No guy wants to sit and listen to all this!
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