5. Don’t Call Him First

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Once again girls, this rule is golden! Never call a guy first. It implies you’re more into him than he is you, and guys actually prefer to do the work in the early parts of a relationship. Let him call you instead of you calling him. I promise this not only works, but most guys will want you more because they know you respect yourself enough to follow this rule too.

Be Nice to His Friends


No ma
Love the jealousy read!
Zhen Wu
Real men also do not like to play games. If he shows obvious interest and commitment time and time again then return some love to keep him around ;)
Ivana Wijaya
Definitely a good read. Thanks!
Number two is so important! They need to know you are relaxed and comfortable!
I agree on a lot of these points but I don't fully agree on the first couple. You should be who you want to be, who you're comfortable with being & if that means wearing 'crazy' make-up & dres...
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