3. Donโ€™t Tease Him about It

Donโ€™t Tease Him about It

If he's super short, then you shouldn't tease him about how tiny he is. He's probably gotten those types of comments since he was a little kid. It might be a sore spot for him. I mean, you wouldn't want anyone to make fun of you for your height, would you? That's why you shouldn't make fun of him for how short he is, even if it's all in good fun. It could still hurt his feelings.

Donโ€™t Compliment Tall Boys


I am 6'1, and I have dated someone shorter than me. I am not discouraging girls that are in relationships like this; however I do have a personal vow that I would prefer if my mate were if not my same height, taller than me.
yes it can happen and it is happening to me and i am worried if it is going to effect our relationship
I'm 5'11.5" and once dated a guy who was 5'8" and it worked fine however if it really does bug you inthink theres a point where sexual attraction can be lost due to insecurities which is a shame but can happen.
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