3. Buck up!

If you think about telling your crush you like him but you fear you don’t have the confidence to go all the way, just cut the whining and buck up! Think about the wonderful results of your action! If you do tell him, there might be a big chance that he likes you too, only that he hadn’t found the perfect moment to tell you that. So, take a chance and go tell him! It’s better to risk a bit than to regret later that you haven’t done it.

He Doesn’t Read Your Thoughts


I have a crush who loves books, guess ill just give him a book to read, and ill highlight the words i want to say
@Dita Thank you :-) I will tell him.
My best friend and I have been friends with benefits for almost a year now. He always asks me if I'd been with anyone else besides for him, and has told me he liked me twice. The last time he told me ...
don't forget about women who crush on other women over here....
@Evina if you're actually never going to see him again and truly don't want anything from him in return, then tell him. Living with the 'what if' is never fun. Just make sure it doesn't any friendship you may have with him.
Evina Utami
Do you think it's a good idea to let my friend with benefits know how i feel? The feelings have grown and I am sad he's leaving for his home country. I do not expect anything from him, though. I just ...
I told him I liked him on Facebook. Worked for me. 3 years strong :)
Ferrer Harry
Tell me about that
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