4. There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards

There's Nothing Wrong with Having Standards

I always tell my single friends that there is no need to settle. It's a good idea to have a "list" of "criteria" you would like a guy to meet.

You don't need to just be content to have a man who has no job, no interest in ever having a job or trade of any kind and likes to play XBox all day and party all night. But at the same time, keep your "list" and "criteria" loose. If you have such high standards that no guy will ever be able to meet them, you may end up alone forever! Remember that guys are human just like you and give them some space to live. Also, don't pass by a perfectly nice guy with your nose in the air just because you think you deserve a prince or a king.

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea


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So I've been flirting with this boy for a few months off
Hello again, It's hard to tell because what's too soon for me may not be for you because intensities vary with every relationship. I think you should definitely talk to him about it. He seems committe...
Aww that's sweet! :) Thanks for stopping by!
Im a guy. 22 years old, college. ((i agree with all those exepst for be the girl a guy would want)) be the girl you know you are instead. and yes....please dont try SO hard, thats our job.
I met this amazing guy in Australia, right after my 18th birthday a couple months ago. We really hit it off, because we're so much alike but, when he found out I was only 18, he was a little hesitant ...
Hey Holly, Thank you hun! It's never to late to learn and if you've already found the right guy, looks like you did fine just by yourself :)
Holly Plake
Great advice! Wish I read this article a couple of years ago before I started dating! :)
=) Glad you think so! Thanks for stopping by!
Good tips!!
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