3. Know How to Respond

A great flirt is a great conversationalist. Unless you're texting your crush, you can't pause for ten minutes to think of an excellent response. You need to figure out how to keep a conversation going. It might help to think up a few interesting topics ahead of time so that you can redirect the conversation toward them if things get boring.

Don't Get Embarrassed


@kanika thankyou so much, that has honestly helped me! Yeah I guess you're right, I should let him make the first move. I give him hints saying "I really do like you" and he either changes the subject...
Anybody please?! I really like this guy too
Hi! I need help! I can do all these things on this list except for the be confident part 😕 that literally is the main thing and I have problems with it! Can you give me advice on how to be confident?
@jessica ... U know what u need to be confident and leave the feeling of loosing him cause honestly don't chase him at all show him how important u re to him .. And make him jealous ( that always work...
Anyone help me? I met this guy from my English called Ryan, I really am starting to like him, we've been talking a lot staying up until 1am and sending each other snapchats and cute messages. So anywa...
I really need to work :)
Sapna Pathak
Winking n smiling also works
Ashley Marie
I need to work on my skills lol
Touching leg????? 😶
If I hadn't been happily married for 13 years, I would soooo find this helpful!!
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