4. Do Something for You

You may have wanted to take up salsa dancing, join a bowls club, go skydiving, join a trail running club, hike through the Himalayas or swim with dolphins. It is time to dust off that bucket list and do something for you now. It might be small like hiking up a mountain or going to a show, but do it for you. DO NOT do something you always wanted to do with your ex! That doesn’t count; do something that will be good for you.

Be Kind to Yourself


Why the doctor who picture? Love it XD
Perfect 👌👍
I like the doctor who pic....Lol
Wow this is really unrealistic. Who just ACCEPTS theare relationship and then acts like a narcissist? And everyone knows you have to get a rebound lol
im trully thankful that i came across this page... i was inspired and hoping for the best for my self.😊
Zaire Mcgee
Great advice at the perfect time.. Thanks 😃
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