9 Ways to Feel Hot in 2012 ...


How to Feel Hot in 2012 shouldn't be hard! It's a brand new year, a fresh start and ladies, let's make this year, the year of feeling sexy. So girls, how do you go about learning how to feel hot? Well, I've got just the ticket for you, I've got the top 9 ways to teach you how to feel hot in 2012!

1. Look at Yourself Everyday

I know that I look at myself every day in the mirror, but it's typically to do my hair and my makeup. I'm not focusing in on my face or how pretty I look. This year, why not focus on yourself after your have your makeup done and your hair fixed? See how pretty you really look, without picking out all of the flaws!

Put on Favorite Outfit


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i am breaking out and it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i fix it if i want to impress a guy?
I agree that hula hooping makes you feel hot (literally and figuratively). So glad I know how..=) It's a great exercise! I advise that you do the hula hoop in front of the mirror...and you will be able to say to your self, "Gosh, I'm SEXY!"
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