6. Play Hard to Get; a Little Bit of Mystery Can Go a Long Way

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This is an old, old trick but it is still around because it works. You don’t want to be too easy of a prize to achieve. Don’t answer the phone on the first ring. Make him wait just a few minutes while you finish getting ready for a date. Most importantly, have standards and actually be hard to get. When you do this, you will be the one that ends up with the prize, a man of integrity.

Be Busy. Make Him Feel Special to Have Won Some of Your Time


I need to be busy with things other than study
My bf liked me chasing him all the time. But I\'ve stopped doing all this nonsense. I haven\'t seen much of the results yet. But I did get two text one saying he loved me ( I didn\'t respond) & an...
Amen! Great article
But remember too much of anything is not good 😜
Wonderful tricks..! I have used one out of these sometime back on my boyfriend. I stopped calling him or pinging him, It only required a day and he called me back saying that he is missing me a lot n ...
Ya Tan
Oh the things we do for love ..
Dear lord Thank you!
Bhatt Neha
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