3. Connect through Common Interests

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One (nearly) foolproof way to make your crush like you is to relate to him. Whether it’s sports, music, or Converse sneakers, figure out what makes him tick. You don’t have to pretend to be the Yankees’ #1 fan, but make an effort to learn why he can’t get enough of the grey, blue, and white. Google is a great place to conduct some preliminary research.

Be Kind


@Mina, Hi Mina nice name by the way, If he says hi and ways even sometimes that's a good sign, sounds like he is giving off mixed signals maybe because he is shy. Guys are more attracted to girls and ...
@Skye, Hi Skye, what do you do well i say DON'T GIVE UP, be sure though that you really like him and if you do then FIGHT FOR HIM in whatever ways possible and harmless, if they are not together yet t...
What if he likes your best friend and not you what do you do then?
This boy I like is a the brother of one of my mutual guy friends. He says hi to me sometimes and waves too but I messaged him 4 days ago and he hasn't messaged me back. Facebook messenger says when th...
Have you tried to talk to him at all? Maybe explain that you were just a little frustrated? It happens to everyone! :)
Amen to that!!!!
@Brianna, You got it bad!!!! I'm sorry but I don't know as I've never fallen in love... Good luck!!!! And just remember this quote, "one day you'll meet someone who will make you realise why it didn't work out with anyone else..." xoxo cass
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