4. Be Kind

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Being a bit sassy is one thing, but if you’ve been arguing with your friends, family, and everyone in between lately, it can be a major turn off to your crush. Work on mending broken relationships so that when your dream guy meets the people in your life, he’ll know what an amazing lady you are!

Use Humor


Honey H
Great article! Suits the situation I'm in. :) probably could use the tips that you posted. ;) kinda hoping that he will initiate the talking one day. We are just acquaintance though.
Hello i am 14 turning 15 soon. I have liked a guy for almost a year now, this is the first time I felt this way! He is 3 years older than me (17) but I haven't talked to him. Me and his sister are lik...
Heather Jensen
Hi Lara! I'd see if you could really try to talk to him more, up the flirting a little bit and see how he responds!
Krysten Elise Reyes
we have the same group of friends so all his friends are also my friends it like we're good friends that make eachother laugh all the time, but i still want to know him on a deeper level..i just have a hard time seeing the signs he's giving off!
Krysten Elise Reyes
I have a crush on one of my good friends and I text him a few days ago that i liked him and thinks he's awesome all he said was "Oh mai :)" but another guy friend of mine that is really good friends ...
Heather Jensen
Aww! I would say that you should back off -- let him have some space and maybe try to talk to him in person. :)
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