2. No Secrets

Be open with each other, be honest, and share things with each other that you never thought you would tell anyone. If you can’t trust your partner with these secrets then who can you trust?

Were you that kid who tasted glue, or perhaps you were that nerd in high school who was on the chess team and thought you were going to be a lonely old cat lady? ! Why not have a good laugh about this and share your past with your significant other? Trust that they will comfort you and be there for you no matter what.

Have an US Day


Maggie boo
this helps my realtionship alot !
Wow! Am glad to read this😊 I will it in my mind☺️
Nav Lotay
Communication is the key ! The more and open honest communication the better !
If only my boyfriend could read this! And put our relationship ahead of work...
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