4. Make Sure They Purposely Run into Each Other

This idea might also seem like a bit much but itโ€™s really not that hard or drastic.

If you know one friend works at a certain store or in a certain area, bring the other friend along with you on a visit there and make sure they purposely run into each other. If one friend is significantly more interested than the other, you can always pre-plan it out with them regarding how and when you will bring their crush to a little rendezvous. I have to admit this is probably one of the more exciting and fun ways to set up your friends- for everyone involved!

Traditional Set-up


@Jessica, just be yourself, start of just by saying like how are you? And then if the conversation isnโ€™t going anywhere just be yourself and talk about things u both like like the music u were talki...
I want to set up to of my friends, they both know eachover rlly well and they both have a crush on the other. I have parents ppl up before but this time it is harder and I did it once and I had a big ...
My friend wants to me to meet one of her boyfriend's good friends. She says we're both really funny and like the same music. Im nervous about how to act when we meet. Got any tips?
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