4. Watch Porn Together

This may not begin as the most romantic or comfortable idea in the beginning, but it has a great purpose. The best way to find out what your partner truly desires is to see what turns them on in pornography.

For partners who may be a little on the insecure side, there is something important to remember here IT’S NOT ABOUT THE PERSON IN THE VIDEO, IT’S ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON. There are some who believe that the idea is simple, your partner wants to be with someone that looks like the porn star of their dreams...that’s rarely the case and not the main point.

The point of this is to see what gets your partner in the mood and how some of those things can be brought into the bedroom.

Remember the difficulty in communicating? Well, this concept may get you more answers than you received from just asking. They may want to bring toys into the bedroom and not know how to communicate that. They may desire dressing up for you or would like for you to dress up for them. Sometimes the desire to bring another person into the bedroom may pop up as well. Just remember, when communicating and finding out what you and your partner desire, there is NO JUDGING. This can be a very exposing process, and it takes a lot to share these desires. Make sure there is an understanding between you and your partner that no matter what the desire may be, that it won't change your love for one another.

Be the Instigator


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