5. Talk about Common Interests

So you both like cycling or working out, why not talk about it? You can compare stats or even just talk about your favorite sport, work out routine or even what bikes you like. Find a common ground and see where the conversation goes from there!

Avoid Ex Talk


Harley Lane
@jo jo, its normal to feel that way, but you still young, it will probly go away, iv had a crush on my cousin, thought his the one, but it ended badly, and it spoiled our relationship, firstly his you...
Harley Lane
i really like this guy but i dont know exactly how he feels, we had a fling a while ago and now and then we share a kiss but he just wont tell me how he feels, help, what should i do
aw thats so cute can someone help me
Heather Jensen
Hi anon! What makes it easier for you to talk to them on Facebook versus in person? Have you tried to overcome your fears at all by talking to them in person? Might be a good idea to try! :)
Hey im in grade 8 and im friends with a lot of boys via facebook and i chat with them and flirt with them online but as soon as i see them at school i freeze and turn away!! Help what can i do!?
Heather Jensen
Hi Jo Jo! Honestly, I don't think that you should ever, ever mix family relations. I know that you might have a crush on your cousin -- but you have to move on. :)
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