2. Marrying Yourself is Just Boring

While you may be initially attracted to someone just like you, no one honesty wants to marry someone who's a mirror image of themselves. It's difficult to grow as individuals and as a couple if you're not able to challenge each other within you own differences, weaknesses and strengths. And let's face it, marrying someone just like you is boring! It's more fun to have the surprise and excitement of a different personality to complement you.

Find Ways to Help Each Other Grow


@Kanchan couldn't have agreed with you any more. It's kind of hard to figure out what to do with such similarities and differences
I couldn't have loved this article any more. Well said about everything! 😍
i'm not married (yet!) but my boyfriend of 5 years has been majorly hinting that he wants to marry me after college. we are opposites. I talk A LOT and he just a listener. he is self contained and i w...
I appreciate that this article is directed towards what we as women can do, in a healthy way, to APPRECIATE our men. Thanks!
My husband and I are complete opposite or may be too much alike in anger, we both annoy each other. We share a very love hate kinda relationship. So idk hw will get this to work?
I completely disagree that marrying somebody a lot like yourself is boring. I know many couples who divorced because they were opposite and always fighting. Whatever works for you might not work for s...
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