3. Just Touching One Hand or Leg

If you always hold hands while cuddling, or drape a leg over your boyfriend's leg, then that means that you're in a balanced relationship. It suggests that you’re okay with having some space in the relationship, but still want to feel your partner next to you to know that they're there.

Not Touching at All


hailey l
Katya Pacheco
Me with my head on his chest
1,2,6,7 are us! I've been married for 6 yrs now and my hubby just can't sleep without holding a part of my body. And I love it all the way. That was a nice post
Awww, these made me smile.......I'm sooooo 3 & 7
Resting my head on his chest is totally me. He loves spooning though, with me being the big spoon.
Elley Smith
Taking up all the space and spooning are my things.
Victoria Gee
Me and my boyfriend totally agreed with these.
I don't have a boyfriend but the way I sleep. I would go thru them all in one night lol
4 is us. He's a cuddler but I hate it while pregnant so he knows to keep a distance or listen to me complain about being too hot. Lol
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