6. Stop Listening to That Playlist 😭🎡 He Made You on Repeat

Don't get me wrong; you can still like the same songs. Just don't read into those tracks too closely or obsess over how they made you feel during your relationship.

No More Late Night Texts πŸ“΅, Accidental or Purposeful


@Jelena , do the no contact rule.
Stop stalking him on social media.You can never move on if you are always on his accounts.
Doxie Mama
Have you moved on or not and if so is your new life without him better because he is not in it? Do you want to jeopardize your new life because of a questionable phone call that could draw you back t...
Ok ladies- what happens when you're trying to move on, knowing your ex is with someone new and HE contacts YOU?!
Thank you. I needed this 😞
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