5. Check His Social Media

Check His Social Media

If you check his social media, you might be able to figure out why he's suddenly contacting you. If he just broke up with his new girlfriend, then he might be looking for a rebound. It he just lost his job, he might be looking to you for comfort. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be there to help him feel better.

Just Don’t Respond to Him


Block and ignore any ex. That way there is no need to worry about if he calls or not. I only took this advise once and I am so glad I did.
I was broken, had no one to talk to... Thanks girls πŸ‘­ 😘😘😘 for such a good advice. U know the worst part was that we had everything planned marriage, kids. All of sudden everything was gone.
Thanks Splashhhh 😘😘😘
Thanks Raven😘😘😘😘
& Vash u did the best thing u shouldnt call him at first place , he cant b the one for u
Omg my extra just texted me a week ago! I took my moms advise and just ignored him
Just happened.... Text me after 3 months of no contact deleted his number. As soon as I got it my anxiety went sky high. Ended up talking to him now I regret I did cause we go round and round in circl...
Raven Belle
@Vash you did the RIGHT THING!! Believe me he wasn't worth it at all you deserve better than a idiot like him. I was in the same situation thinking if my ex was the best thing I could ever have but th...
My ex gave me a miss call.. One miss call just one which drove me crazy this happend after one month of our breakup. So I waited for a while nd then I called him but couldn't talk so hung up. After 2 ...
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