7. Don't Underestimate

Finally, never underestimate your Aries-crush. While you might not think they'll remember something or that they don't want to be around you because you are having a clingy day, just let them decide. This particular sign is a little unpredictable, so you've got to be on the lookout!

All right, girls and guys, these are just a few of the many, many ways that you can attract an Aries. What other ways do you have? Have you ever dated an Aries? Do tell!


Kind of true most of it! I really do remember details in conversations and stuff, if I like the person ;)
I just read this and it's soooo true! Lol I'm a scorpio who loves to be w/someone who WE are attracted too, of course he's an Aries! I absolutely adore everything about him, from how he is w/his son t...
Johanna Krauter
Aries can also be sorta spontaneous. Keep that one in mind and make sure you can keep up with them!
I know a lot of Aries, these are pretty accurate.
Lol I'm an aries and my crush too! Oh man!!! 😋
Fatima Merchant
@Heather Jensen Okay. Thanks ☺
I'm an Aries lol and most of that is me
Praachi Nagpal
Omg!!! I'm an Aries and this perfectly described evrythng 😇😃😄
Yeah my ex was an Aries and I didn't attract him as he fell in love with me when I didn't even notice tbh! All these are so truthful of him, we would lay and talk about the little memories together
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