3. Buck up!

If you think about telling your crush you like him but you fear you donโ€™t have the confidence to go all the way, just cut the whining and buck up! Think about the wonderful results of your action! If you do tell him, there might be a big chance that he likes you too, only that he hadnโ€™t found the perfect moment to tell you that. So, take a chance and go tell him! Itโ€™s better to risk a bit than to regret later that you havenโ€™t done it.

He Doesnโ€™t Read Your Thoughts


@Megan Say okay. Feel bad about it for a while and then be glad you told him and move on. It's easier said than done, I know. But trust me, I've been there, done that, and you do get over it eventually. :)
What if it's someone you work with!? It's just a summer job tho not a career...do the same steps?
So its just ok for me.. D mportant is, i didnt miss to tell it to him...i dont know wr to start.. And everytime we have those close conversation, im getting butterlies, and im starting to palpitate
What are you supposed to do/say if he turns you down?
Hi.. Can any of you help m whats the best thing to do with my crush..??? I just really hate ds feeling having no courage to say it to him. But i had given him already 2loveletters and im always sendin...
I have a crush on a guy whose friend has a crush on me.. So because of their stupid bro code, the guy I like looks at me but turns away the moment I try to give him a smile :-/
I have a crush who loves books, guess ill just give him a book to read, and ill highlight the words i want to say
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